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Mount forensic disk images, and common hard disk and DVD images
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Have you run out of blank CDs or DVDs? Don’t you want to burn that image before viewing it content? You application needs the CD or DVD to be loaded in the drive in order to run and you don’t want to waste your CD or DVD drive? Well, to solve all those problems you could use Mount Image Pro from GetData Ltd. As you surely guessed by now, Mount Image Pro is an application which ability is to mount disk drive images as logical drive letters under Windows operating systems. Which are the image types this tool supports? Let’s take a look to the following list:

• EnCase® forensic images - all versions, including compressed and password protected images;
• SMART® forensic images;
• RAW image files (created by programs such as Linux "dd"); and
• ISO images.

Mount Image Pro is primarily used by computer forensic examiners, investigators, lawyers and individuals to allows fast and complete access to the contents of a forensic computer image. This is without prejudice to be used for the purposes commented before, more usual for the common PC user. However, one of the main advantages you can take out of Mount Image Pro is to save pretty much money that you’d use to purchase expensive forensic software. The results are just the same as you have inserted the real CD or DVD into your letter. If it has an autorun file, it will trigger automatically; if it hasn’t, the operating system will do what it usually does when inserting that kind of media.
One aspect to bear in mind of this application is that it provides read-only access to the contents of an image file. That is to say, you can’t modify the content whatsoever of the virtual drive, but if you think this is a downside of the Mount Image Pro, have in mind that you neither can modify data contained in a real CD or DVD unless it’s a rewritable media.
Mount Image Pro has the following features:
• Mount images using;
1. The Mount Image Pro Graphic User Interface (GUI);
2. The Windows 'right click' functionality;
3. Via the Command Line (DOS).
• It can mount both logical and physical images to allow full access to image data;
• Supports read-only access to protect data integrity. Image files remain read only;
• Mounts NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 file systems;
• Is compatible with third party file system drives such as Linux EXT2 or EXT3;
• Works with physical and logical images;
• Mount images from a central server;
• Create DOS batch files to mount multiple images.
The Mount Image Pro GUI is designed to manage both the mounting and unmounting of images and to quickly display relevant information about the currently mounted images.
• The Mounted Images window (top) lists the currently mounted images including acquisition details. The "As" column identifies the specific drive letter that the mounted image has been designated. Click on the image name to open that drive letter in Windows Explorer.
• The Image Details window (bottom) provides information about the currently selected image. This includes the image geometry, partition information and EnCase® properties.
Regarding system requirements this piece of software needs the following:
• Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
• RAM: 128 MB recommended
• Hard Disk: At least 6 MB of free disk space

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  • It supports a wide range of images formats
  • There's a full functional trial version


  • It's available in English only
  • It provides read-only access to the contents of an image file
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